Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I can't wait to wear this...

As soon as I laid eyes on this adorable polka-dot top, I knew I had to have it. One little problem. And I do mean "little." It was in the childrens' department. Luckily, it came in an XL and, other than being a little tight in the arms, it fits great. Now all I need is a hot, summer day so I can wear it. Come on June...! Did I mention it was only $5.98? At Kmart. Cute as pie and a bargain to boot. Love that.


  1. Hello! I am visiting from the Texas Gals blogsite and I too am a Texan living away from home. I'm so glad I found your wonderful blog and I too love your old house and wish I had one waiting for me back in Texas. I'd probably go if I did:) I'm going to follow you and keep up with your interesting life in the north. Girl, you do have cold weather!

  2. Hi there fellow Texas blogger! I just LOVE that house....very cool! I'm enjoying going through your blog....you have lots of good stuff! Happy almost weekend!!1!1