Friday, May 7, 2010

1849 Calder Avenue...

This was the home of my great grandparents. I know the address because there are many letters still around that are addressed to Mrs. J.L. Hooks, 1849 Calder Ave., Beaumont, Texas. We still have the blueprints to this old house and they are BLUE...! The house was torn down in the 60s, I think.

Today, I will introduce you to some of the people who lived here. But first...

This is the Kirby-Hill House in Kountze, Texas. It is just down the road from the Old House. It is a nearly identical house to the one at 1849 Calder Avenue. This house is owned by the Hardin County Historical Society. You may learn more about it here.

Now I will introduce you to some of the residents of 1849 Calder Avenue, Beaumont, Texas.

This is my great grandfather, J.L. "Sam" Hooks.

This is my great grandmother, Corrie Herring Hooks. Everyone called her "Mama Hooks." I believe she founded the Audubon Society in Beaumont, Texas.

This is my grandfather, Rufus Herring Hooks, Sr. He was born in 1898 and grew up at 1849 Calder Avenue.

Even in his old age, he often spoke of his beloved dogs, Rock and Rye, pictured here with him.

He attended the military academy in Gulfport, Mississippi.

He was a successful in oil-exploration in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana.

Here is my grandfather with his sisters Verna and Olga.

When Aunt Verna grew up, she married an oil tycoon.

Aunt Olga liked beer and the beach and wildlife and lived way back in the woods at the place she was born, until the day she died.

This is my great grandmother's brother, Uncle Rufe Herring. My grandfather was named after him. Ain't he perty?

I hope you have enjoyed meeting the former residents of 1849 Calder Avenue, Beaumont, Texas.


  1. You are so lucky to have these details of your past. I am adopted..and I have minimial info.

    Love the history!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Thanks for the intros, Necel.

    What is it about the past and our ancestors that has such a pull?

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  3. I just had to comment when I saw Calder Ave.
    I was born in Beaumont and my parents are still there. My grandfather had his clinic on 3rd street off Calder. I called my Mom and asked her about your family and she remembers them. Small world. Great post !

  4. Necel~ it is so wonderful that you have such great stories and photos of your ancestors...thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. Wow, what a greaty family history you have in your possession. You're very lucky to have so much info and the pictures of your background! This comes from an adopted person with no history! Suzie

  6. Amazing, Necel! What a blessing to know your lineage and have such incredible photos. Thank you for sharing this, it's really fascinating!
    Cheers, Andrea

  7. Hey Necel - love seeing the pic of 1849 Calder (wish it was still there) along with the Kirby-Hill house. Great post!