Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring snow on a Big Horn Mountain ranch...

My brother works on the Klondike Ranch at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains, near Buffalo, Wyoming. He took all of these photos during two snowstorms this month... yes, you heard me right... in May.

Crazy Woman Canyon Road, looking toward
the canyon and the Big Horn Mountains

Horses running to the haywagon

Weatherman said 6 inches

Frosted Mini-Wheats

Jack, the Border Collie... He's my dog's daddy and my brother's dog's daddy

My brother's dog, Bandit

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  1. Just beautiful!!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Ouch! I'll stop complaining about the heat here in Houston! Beautiful pics though.

  3. Hi Necel,

    That's a lot of snow for May! I bet when it melts, they're going to have an extra beautiful green summer.


  4. I live in Wyoming so I have seen snow like that more than once in May.(In some spots it may freeze every night) Our first few months there; around our daughter's day, we asked, "what would you like for your birthday?" she said, "Snow!" So on the day of her birthday, in May, we woke up to 2 feet of that white stuff! To say the least she was thrilled.(also try watching a 4th of July parade in coats, mitten,hats and scrafs cuddle together under a sleeping bag-now that's fun!)

  5. Beautiful! We had a house just west of Vail, CO and had snow in July one year. Nuts! Dropping by from White Wednesday; Tailored Kitchen.


  6. Wow! Supreme example of global warming... So beautiful! Since I've lived in Texas ALMOST all my life, I just can't even imagine... Really, I would just like for it to rain. :)

  7. "frosted mini wheats"...LOL...toooo cute...gorgeous photos!!!

  8. The frosted mini wheats is great, I can't wait to tell my sister. Beautiful snow fall pictures.

  9. To look at it is absolutely gorgeous, but I do not think I could handle weather like that for more than two weeks per year! "frosted mini wheats" - love it! That is exactly what those hay bales look like! Love the shot of the horses.

    ~ Tracy

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. Especially love the horses and the mini-wheats.