Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More photos from the Old House...

As you know, my sister took some photos at the Old House last week. Here are the ones she took in the dog trot. I wish I could show you a photo that was taken right down the center of it... but I don't have one. To learn more about dog trots, click here.

Note to self: Paint dog trot ASAP...!!!

That toy horse was mine when I was little. There's one of the small chairs I collect. This one came from a school. There, in the flower pots, are some tiles that came from a different old family house. We used the boat anchor in a wooden rowboat at our beach house on Galveston Bay. The boat and the house were both washed away in hurricanes. Check out the kettle here in a much older photo.

These things are usually out in the yard but I brought them inside so they wouldn't get stolen. We have photos of my dad sitting in this chair when he was a boy. It weighs a ton... Did you notice the arms have horse heads and the legs have hooves? The pulley is from the old well that's still out in the yard.

I'll share more Old House photos later this week.

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  1. I love the photos. I may have missed something, but is this where you live? Or is it an old homeplace? Carla

  2. Necel, you have the coolest heirlooms. :)