Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

I realize this post might make some of you shudder.

I know you probably spend a good amount of your time ridding your yard of these pesky "weeds."

But to me, they are beautiful wildflowers.

You see, last week it was snowing... Heck, it's been snowing for 9 months... But today is sunny and I'm just so excited to see color, I could squeal.

(Okay, I did squeal...! Then I flopped on the ground right there and rolled around in the grass.)

When you are a Southerner, living a life virtually void of flowers, you'll take what you can get...

...and be darned happy to have it.

So, next time one of these pops up on your beautiful lawn, think of me...

...and remember...

Dandelions are flowers too.

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  1. In most countries these are not considered weeds. Virtually every part of it is edible!!
    We could have food right in our yards..and they get destroyed..go figure!! It is pretty up there now!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. I agree totally! We embrace those little weeds in our lawn. Your pictures are lovely! Carla

  3. I'm a weed lover, too. I try to get Rick to leave the spring fields alone, but he likes the golf course look. Right now, I have those flowers with the little white things that you can blow off (don't know the name) covering the yard at the farm, but he's coming home tomorrow, and it's time to mow. Oh well. So glad you have some color up in those mountains! Enjoy!

  4. I love wildflowers, too---even dandelions! Such a nice, bright yellow! They make me happy.

  5. I read this one aloud to my husband... he keeps a very green lawn. :)