Sunday, May 16, 2010

Somebody's been in the Old House...

My sister went to the Old House the other day with her camera. These are the photos she took of a shelf in the kitchen.

I love old mixing bowls and that beat-up cookbook was like a Bible when I was a young girl learning to cook. The gourd was used to dip water from a bucket.

There's my favorite yellow Fiestaware mixing bowl and a sweet, little gravy boat with strawberries on it.

There's some red glass from the State Fair and Daddy's baby dish, rattle and silver cup.

There's Daddy's piggy bank and a tin that Aunt Necel used to put tea cakes in.

Oh, and there are my Cheery Chintz cup and saucer and a few pitchers from my great-grandmother's pitcher collection.

I'll show you another shelf on Wednesday.

When I saw these photos, they made me so happy... but then a great sadness came over me. I just cannot put this type of homesick into words.

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  1. I vowed if I ever move again, I'm having shelves in the kitchen instead of cabinets. I like to see my things too!

  2. So sweet to see well-loved & used belongings!

  3. I love the antique oil lamps. I'm so sorry things aren't the way you'd hoped they'd be.

  4. The most wonderful part of this is being able to see the heirlooms. :)