Monday, June 7, 2010

Has potential, needs prayer...

This is the back porch in the Old House. We call it the "back porch," because in the old days (very old days), it was a screened-in sleeping porch. In the 1950s, Grandmother had it enclosed. It's funny how this "addition" isn't holding up like the original parts of the house.

This room is under the huge limbs of a 100+ year-old oak tree. The water stains you see to the bead-board ceiling are from roof damage during Hurricane Ike. I am believing God for $9,000 to replace the Old House roof. Anyway...

I didn't show you these photos to point out the problems and bellyache about needing a new roof. I shared these with you because of the awesome potential this room has. (In case you're wondering, the views are terrific.) Go on, let your imagination run wild. What do you see?

I know it's going to be fabulous...!

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  1. It will be fabulous, I am sure of it! Carla

  2. It does look like it has fabulous potential. I am believing with you for the new roof. Hugs, Marty

  3. It is charming and the color so refreshing and serene.

  4. This part of the house has a lot of potential. Could be a sun room or a family room. Love the color. Happy Monday!

    MYM~Asiatic Lily

  5. Grand old Texas house,
    needs blood, sweat and tears (and cash!)
    for resurrection.

    Mound of Gold

  6. Nice photo!

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    have a good one!