Friday, June 11, 2010

More photos from the Old House...

Here are some more photos that my sister took in the Old House. I think this may be the last of them but I'm not sure.

This mirror came out of an old family house called "Pine Knot."

Here is a photo of Pine Knot.

That cute wooden truck was my dad's in the 1940s. It is sitting atop an old barrister bookcase... there are five of them. You can see one in an old photo below.

The magnolia print is one of my favorites and the clock, which always sat on the Old House mantel, still works. (It's no longer on the mantel because the chimney is leaning into the wall. Prayers for repairs are most appreciated.)

The china cabinet is original to the house. The door fell out when I was home in October and the original glass broke in one side. It was very sad. Everything else you see was at Grandmother's house in Houston.... except the fabulous, wool area rug... that's always been in the Old House.

I don't know who the red-headed child is but I love the photo so much, I put it in the grand, old frame. The eyeglasses belonged to my Great Uncle Frank.

Here is a photo of my Great Uncle Frank and my Great Aunt Necel. I think maybe he's wearing the glasses here. The barrister bookcase in the background is one pictured above.

This was part of a set that belonged to my Great Aunt Necel.

This basket was full of toys, such as cowboys and Indians, when we were kids.

These chairs and a matching sofa came from Pine Knot.

The wardrobe has been in this spot forever.

I love the legs on this old cedar chest, which has also been in the house forever. Here you can see another fantastic, old woolen area rug.

Well, I think that's the last of the photos my sister took in the Old House. I hope you have enjoyed them. I and I hope someday, when I am busy fixing it up, you will be here to see it.

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  1. A sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm. Such a wonderful collection of memories, and beautiful antique pieces. Well done, Ciao, bella!

  2. It is lovely! I hope you are able to fix it up soon. I'll be here when you do! Carla