Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Old House charm...

Here's a little of what makes the Old House so charming...

Trim, trim, trim... 12-foot ceilings... solid-wood doors... glass door knobs... wood floors...

This is still how it's heated... (Not so charming!)

Wooden walls... Oh, yeah, the sheetrock is coming down...

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  1. That is why old houses are the BEST....well, except for the heat thingy!

  2. I love all the old house details, trim, crown and baseboard moldings, wavy glass windows, hardwood floors - so charming!


  3. You got me at Old House. Love the details. And I have said a little prayer about your roofing needs. We are right there with you considering costs for siding windows and roofing too! God is totally going to be our provider!!!!!!
    We have laid it at HIS feet and wait to see what will be done and how. Praying this for you. HUGS! enjoyed my visit!

  4. Oh yes! Gotta love the trim and details of an old house. Wonderful! Happy White Wednesday.

    Back Porch Blessings,

  5. YES YES YES! It Is very charming. Some people (my husband) will never understand the allure of an old home. I however, find it as warm (even when the wind is blowing in thru the cracks) as Grandma's patchwork quilt. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful home.

  6. There is simply nothing like a great old house! So much character. I absolutely love the trim around the doors!
    Happy White Wednesday!

  7. The heat thing really is the trade off isn't it! We have the same trim throughout our downstairs and that is just the kind of thing that made me had to have this house! I can't think of a better place to lay my head than an old house. Theresa

  8. Details. DETAILS. LOVE is in all of those details! I adore them and your cottage! I'm so happy to have seen this on White Wednesday, i'ts my first! ;-)

  9. I love the character of an old house. My husband thinks I'm crazy (which may not be too far off) but, I love the way old houses feel. New houses just don't look or feel the same! I love your old house!

  10. We ,just this winter, traded a heater like yours for a very efficient and safer one at Lowe's and I love it, we are still working on the central heat and air, but when everyone around here loses electricity we still have heat. our Texas house was built in 1903.