Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fur Friends Friday #4....

I have tears streaming down my face as I type this. I just found out that Kim's dog, Chloe, from My Domestic Bliss has gone to heaven. Chloe suddenly became very sick and had to spend time in the hospital. The family is heartbroken and devastated. Also, this was a major expense for them so please keep them in your prayers.

Last week was just not a good week for pets. Brenda's dog, Charlie, from Cozy Little House became sick and had to go the vet. As you can imagine, this gave Brenda quite a scare. Fortunately, after much TLC, he is feeling better now.

On a brighter note, I invite you to join the Fur Friends Friday fun by linking to a post about your pet.

Please note: Your post does not need to be recent.

My contribution this week is my sister's Shih Tzu, Mookie. He had just come in from the freshly tilled garden and she snapped this shot just as he looked down and realized how muddy his paws were.


My sister has 8 dogs, mostly strays she has taken in, so a big BRAVO to her for doing more than her part to help homeless animals.

Here are the pets from last week's Fur Friends Friday.

As promised last week, Denise from Den's Daily Life tells us how her pooch, Boo, got his name.

Mo over at Country Diary of a Southern Lady, along with his two rescued-kitty friends, is a vole-hunting machine.

Frog Hollow Farm Girl introduced us to her kitty, Miss Olive.

Teri from 12813 in Texas shared a couple of kittens doing what kittens to best.

And a big welcome to John who showed us his turtle friends.

I thank the Lord Jesus that all of my pets are happy, healthy and hearty. I think I will give them a hug now.

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  1. Hi Necel, I am sorry to hear about Kim's sweet Chloe. I will remember the family in my prayers. Here is a picture of my son; he is riding Rose. I must admit that Rose is not a pet; she belongs to the riding stable but my son rides her every week. I will not be able to participate in Fur Friends Friday anymore because there are no more animals in my life, just my son's turtles and aquatic life that he is sharing from his own blog (yes, he's that John).