Friday, April 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home necklace...

It's not often that I'm giddy over a purchase so I wanted to share with you a very special one that I recently made. It came in this adorable pink box, all ready for gifting. (But I'm keeping this one for myself.)
It's the Home Sweet Home necklace from Cherrie Sweetie on Etsy.

I think anyone who is in love with "home" would be so happy to wear one of these darling, little lovelies. I pretend mine is the Old House.

It's made from solid sterling silver (which is more than I can say for some of the more expensive, silver-plated jewelry I own) and it was only $18, plus $3.50 for shipping.

The listing says it's a 16-inch chain but I think it's an 18-inch chain because it's longer than the 16-inch I normally wear. No worries... I think it's perfect anyway. (I didn't measure it, however.)

Rebecca at Cherrie Sweetie provided outstanding customer service by personally e-mailing to let me know when my necklace shipped and she followed up with an e-mail confirming I received it. (As you can see, Dash Kitty likes it too!)

The necklace was shipped from Hong Kong yet it arrived in my mailbox several days before an item I ordered from Florida (on the same day) arrived. (I love that one too but it deserves its own post!)So, hop on over to Cherrie Sweetie and you too can carry Home Sweet Home next to your heart.

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  1. Pretty necklace! Have a happy Easter! Carla

  2. It's a darling necklace and I agree it was a good deal at that! Even that box is so pretty!

  3. This is lovely - a great idea, quirky, original, and the packaging is the final perfect touch. Off to see her shop right now, as I want one too!

    Happy Easter!

  4. That necklace is very special.
    Happy Pink Saturday!! xo Tami

  5. Too cute! Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter!!

  6. Have a wonderful Easter. Blessings. Happy Pink Saturday. Winona

  7. What a nice necklace. The pink box is awfully pretty too!! What a nice thing to be able to wear on Easter.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. How cute! May you have a blessed Easter.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  9. Hi Necel, I gave you a shout-out on my blog today for Pink Saturday. Darling necklace and kitty :)
    Happy Easter and PS~