Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I discovered this artist at the mall...

When I was at the mall last weekend (YES! I drove 2:45 to the mall), I spotted this print by artist Jerry Gadamus.

I'm crazy about it because expressions are so realistic. This is exactly how calves look out in the pasture. We have about 200 new calves running around right now so I don't know why I want to bring them in and hang them on the wall too.

Every year, I get so excited when the first Hereford calf is born.

Jerry Gadamus also has lovely wildlife prints, and they are lovely, but I'm not really "into" those.

You can buy these at www.freespiritart.com.


  1. That print is just precious and just perfect for your ranch. I'll be praying for funds that you need for your new roof. Have a great and wonderful day.

  2. Love the art work. We have a neighbor with a huge cow picture in her living room. I love it. It is such a conversation piece. Carla

  3. Necel, it's good to see you again. Love your prayer for the new roof, and I'm believing with you for it. (What about insurance help?) God is interested in all our small things, even our $9000 roofs. I just had a $4500 roof put on my house. Ouch. Yes, I'll be praying for you and the roof.

  4. A sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm. Baby calves are just the sweetest things to see with their mamas! These paintings are wonderful, and it sounds like they made that long trip to the mall worth it. Thanks for sharing! Once I found a tromp d'oeil painting on a closet door of a cow looking over the top of a dutch barn door. It looked so real and I really wanted to put it in our living room coat closet...but FHFB would have nothing to do with it! Ciao, bella.

  5. Well, how cute! I have a mall right down the street and avoid it because I hate crowds. I wish I could send it to you!

  6. He does nice work - I like the Pheasants and Cardinals. :)

    The Calves are beautiful. :)