Friday, April 9, 2010

Fur Friends Friday #5...

Happy Fur Friends Friday!

Please join the party by linking to a post about your pet. The post does not need to be recent.

My contribution this week are these adorable baby goats that my sister sent to me. They are the kids of a goat she once owned named "Dolly." Dolly went to live with some other goats.

This is Butterfly and, in true goat fashion, she's into EVERYTHING...!

My sister also sent photos of some of her roosters. This is Slim Shady. She says he's mean.

This is poor, sad Lucky. He's terrified of everything and likes to stay in the chicken house... probably because when my niece found him, he was being eaten by a dog.

I was certain Lucky was a hen until my sister sent this photo of him.

This is a black rooster that I think is very handsome. I don't remember his name. My sister gave him away.

Thanks so much to last week's participants. I hope you'll join the party this week.

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  1. I love the goats! We have two. They are just big old pets. Carla

  2. I tried to link a post about my pets. I don't know if it worked. Let me know. Carla

  3. We had Nubian goats when our son was younger as well as 2 horses owned by our daughter. we had all of them along with some barn kitties until senior year of high school when money for college was needed. we found them all good homes. the one black goat above looks just like our "Star".
    judi ;)

  4. A sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm. Right now our only pets are two cats, Olive and Finn, neither of which are my pets. Finn belongs to my daughter Katie and Olive is a West Virginia cat now housed in NJ since my son relocated to North Carolina. Miss Olive is featured in my link above! Ciao, bella!

  5. Oh I forgot to link my post about Boo to Fur Friend's Friday yesterday and now the linky is closed?!

  6. I would love to have goats, sheep and chickens. I live on 1 acre surrounded by a golf course however. I am allowed to have animals here, maybe I'll go for a few chickens if I can find someone to build me a coop.