Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wisteria update...

Last week I showed you my sister's wisteria in SE Texas. Here's how it looked then...

Here's how it looks now...

I wish I could go see it for myself because we are under a winter-storm advisory here in Wyoming.

Please say a prayer for the well-being of the cows and any baby calves that may be born over the next few days.

Happy Spring!


  1. A sweet, sunny hello from Frog Hollow Farm. More winter for you in Wyoming? That's just not fair, especially knowing how beautiful that wisteria is in your sister's garden. Hope all goes well for those cows and that the babies all wait until the storm passes. Ciao, bella!

  2. Beautiful wisteria! I'll say a little prayer for your cows and calves...hope spring reaches you soon!

  3. Wow! More snow?!

    Praying for survival of the calves.

    The wisteria is beautiful. I too live in SE Texas- and we had snow 2 weeks ago. Not as much as you, but snow ANYTIME IN TEXAS is REMARKABLE.
    DID your sister get some then?
    I was afraid the Wisteria would freeze- but it didn't.

  4. LOVE the Wisteria, 2nd post I've seen about it today! Lezlee

  5. The wisteria is so pretty. I've always wanted some. I will be saying a prayer for you and your calves. I hope spring comes to you soon.

  6. Wow, a winter storm watch??? And I thought NY was the last state to get spring weather! We had a snowstorm once in May! That was a record breaking day.
    We had an unbelievable warm & sunny day today. I must say it
    I sure hope that storm goes by VERY quickly and spring starts for you.
    Happy Easter!
    judi ;)