Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Diary of a snow day...

I got snowed in last Friday and had to miss work. Here's how it went down.

I call this photo, "Still Optimistic"...

I call this photo, "Get-Over-It, Angry Honda-Hating Tractor Man"...

I call this photo, "Oh, no!"...

I call this photo, "Ooooohhh, nooooooo!"...

I call this photo, "I'm really something special to have gotten myself out of that rut"...

I call this photo, "A long walk home"...

I call this photo, "The place I got stuck and Angry Honda-Hating Tractor Man blamed it all on my bad driving"...

I call this photo, "The place Angry Honda-Hating Tractor Man got stuck after he got it out of the place I got stuck"...

I call this photo, "If only I'd made it to there"...

I call this photo, "Not All That Bad"...

I call this photo, "That Bad"...

I call this photo, "Shivering Chihuahua in Window"...

I call this photo, "Not Happy and Looking for Breakfast"...

Happy Spring!

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  1. A sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm. Snow!?? Yuck - looks like quite a storm. We've had beautiful weather here in NJ - quite lovely and unexpected for so early in spring. Expecting weather in the 50's at the end of the week - but that's okay as long as the sun keeps shining! Ciao, bella!

  2. All I can say is, "Bless Your Heart!!!" Wishing you some warm weather soon! Carla

  3. Oh no! I can't believe you're still getting snow, it just doesn't seem fair when it's so nice and warm here in TX. I hope spring comes soon for you.

  4. OH Necel...glad you are keeping your sense of humor!

  5. Oh my goodness! What a mess! Love your sense of humor.

    I hope you'll drop by AtticMag for White Wednesday, and to register for our Giveaway.

  6. WOW! Can't believe that much snow. Here, it is 90s this week and already HOT. Where did my Spring go??

  7. It is strange to see snow when we are supposed to hit 90 today in PA. If I get too hot this afternoon I may just come back to cool off.

    Glad you are not stuck anymore.

    Have a happy day!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  8. I call this post hilarious! I hope I was supposed to laugh. I know you weren't laughing at the time but I like how you are able to look back on it with humor.

  9. Really feel bad that you still are experiencing snowy weather. It finally warmed up here in Kansas. We did have snow up until the end of March though. Love your blog. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  10. absolutely delightful! The photos and the captions are so funny! Hope to see you back at my place. I have become a follower and hope you'll do the same! until later...

  11. What a fantastic post!

    I have been whinning for a while with our lack of spring... but oh my ... we havent had this.

    If you get a change to join us on Friday~~Finding Beauty I would love for you to share your Beauty! Its lovely.

    If you get a chance would love for you to stop by and say hi.

    TTFN Claudia ♥ ♥

  12. Oh my! What a day! I know I probably was not supposed to laugh, but it was the captions that did me in. I cannot even begin to imagine snow right now! I hope you get some warm weather soon.

    ~ Tracy