Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring in Texas vs. Spring in Wyoming...

My sister lives in SE Texas. This is the view from her kitchen window right now.

I live in NE Wyoming. This is the view from my kitchen window right now. (Actually, this has been the view from my kitchen window since October.)

Her hydrangea has new leaves.

Our cows have new babies.

While her beautiful flowers are blooming.

It is snowing in Wyoming.

Her trees look like this.

Mine look like this.

Even though I have a bad case of Cabin Fever, I know summer is coming and I thank God for all the blessings in my life.

Happy Spring!

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  1. Hang on! Your day is coming. Just remember, in the middle of summer when you are comfortable, we will be miserable! Have a blessed day! Carla

  2. Where she has foliage and flowers, you have critters and cows. But soon you'll have both!

  3. oh how i wish there was a way to package up some warm weather and send it to you! i was so claustrophobic from the long NY winter and whining about i will keep my mouth closed as i have nothing to be complaining about after seeing all that snow! thanks for the perspective.
    judi ;)

  4. Hmmm...
    as much as my bones say "no." to the cold. I soooo enjoyed what snow we had here in TEXAS this past winter. I wouldn't mind if every winter were more like that...
    You're going to cherish your spring fields, and flowers once they get here.
    Ours will wither and be long forgotten once the Hot dry days come. And your snow will look sooo refreshing to me, at least.

    You (and the calves) Hang on, spring is surely coming your way!

  5. You can keep Wyoming; I'll be sure and better appreciate the Midwest!

  6. Necel, I was thinking of you today as I put together my Pink Saturday post...and when I stopped in for a visit, I see that you really need a dose of Texas today...stop in to see what I have in store for you...

  7. Necel, your pictures have a beauty all their own - but I'm sure you already know that. :)

  8. Oh what a lovely photos here, love cow tag walking all together.

  9. Your part of the country is just beautiful. I would love to have land like you do. The cows are too cute. I do appreciate your sisters flowers-they are really pretty.

  10. LOL Loved reading your post. Good things come to those who wait! AND you won't have her humidity! ;) Dropping by from Outdoor Wednesday.


  11. Wow! Quite a contrast. I'm from SE Texas too and even though it gets sultry in summer it's the place I call home. I hope things warm up for you soon. Nice post.