Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bathroom spray is a weird thing to post about, I know, but please indulge me just this once...

My mother and sister gave me this bottle of Poo Pourri bathroom spray as a gag gift for my birthday a couple of years ago. They thought the bottle was so cute, they couldn't resist.

I must admit, I laughed when I opened the package. The bottle said, "Spray the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know."

Even thought it was meant as a joke, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing Poo Pourri works. It's the best bathroom spray I've ever used, hands down.

The 2-oz. bottle is $9.95 and the 4-oz. bottle is $14.95. This may seem pricey but it lasts a long time and it really works. The fresh, lemony smell is so pleasant and it really does eliminate all unwanted odors.

It even comes in an organic version.

I highly recommend giving Poo Pourri as a gift. I mean, it's been a few years since I received mine and I'm still talking about it. I took it to work to show everyone. It's so unique and practical, your friends will love getting it.

Check out this adorable gift set for $16.95. (There is a more manly version available as well.)

You can also purchase a silver atomizer in a black velvet bag so you can carry Poo Pourri with you in your purse. I mean, who knew bathroom spray could rise to this level?

There are a number of new products on the Poo Pourri site that I'd like to try such as this aromatherapy diffuser for your car.
Thank you for allowing me to ramble on about this most inappropriate of blog topics. But it really is that good.

(Poo Pourri should make me a paid spokesperson, don't you think?)


  1. LOL! I have never heard of Poo-pourri before. The lemon scented one would be nice. Now they just need to come up with a way to make it so that no one can hear you when you tinkle. ;-)

  2. That is to funny. I just saw this the other day at a guys house that I clean. I wondered if it was a joke to. Love your blog. I am proud for you . I will keep looking in on you.Take care, Kathy Long

  3. So much fun!!! And yes, they should hire you as a spokesperson. :)

  4. necel,
    so glad you blogged about this, even if it might be deemed inappropriate. i checked out the website and found a store very close by that carries this...i will be on my way to purchase. love the organic choice too.
    ~judi ;)