Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Green and blue glass (and possibly a ghost) in my kitchen window...

Perhaps I inherited the love of blue and green glass from my grandmother. She adored it and always had it placed around in a window or two.

Here is what we call the "back porch" in the Old House. When we were kids, the window sills were filled with old green and brown bottles. Grandmother let us melt crayons in an old pot and pour it on the bottles as an art project.

When I moved into the Old House, I filled the sills with every piece of blue and green glass I could get my hands on.

A few of these pieces have moved with me across the country.

Not once...

But twice...

Today, these pieces are in my kitchen window sill in Wyoming.

I lived in two apartments without windows over the sinks. So, I took a mirror that looked like a window and set it on a shelf to make a fake window so my pretty glass would have a home.

I am so happy to have a kitchen window now. (But perhaps I should have removed the screen before this photo shoot.)

Okay, here's the ghost part... Can you see her looking at me through the glass? She's wearing a red top and a white pencil skirt, a round necklace, tan bag and she's leaning on a parasol. No, it is not my reflection and nothing in my yard looks anything like that. What the heck is that?

These are newer pieces that I bought about 15 years ago.

The blue bottle shaped like a violin was a bridesmaid gift from my friend, Whitney, in Virginia.

I'm the only bridesmaid who got one. She knew how much I loved blue glass and that made it extra special.

Can you see my little frog? And my painted shot glass from Mexico. They make me smile too.

Doing dishes is not the most fun task and having something you enjoy in the window makes it so much better. At least I think so.

So, tell me. What's in your kitchen window?

Does it make you as happy as my glass makes me?

It almost looks like candy, don't you think?

And who doesn't love candy?

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  1. I love the glass. My daughter collects old colored bottles. Maybe the 'ghost' is a genie; rub the bottle and see if she comes out! I think everyone should get three wishes once in a while. After seeing your kitchen window, I realize that mine needs some work. I currently have 2 willow angels, my husband's college class ring, and a bottle of hand sanatizer--not a very pretty sight! Carla

  2. I have no window over my sink... it's a bar. :) There is blue/green gel ant habitat, a small red computer, and various household items that I wish were somewhere else. One thing, though: a small white iron bird bath with two birds that holds things like chapstick. You would love it. My only cobalt blue bottle is in the window in my bathroom, filled with light from the glass blocks behind it. :)

  3. The bottles are beautiful.
    They look like jewels sparkling in the light.
    I think the window screen makes your pictures more real. The screens add depth to the already deep blues, greens, and reds.

    lovely bottles.

  4. Those are beautiful. But I don't see the ghost. I stared and stared. Maybe she's hiding from me. Have a wonderful Easter.

  5. I have cobalt blue glass in my master bath window sill. But my glass isn't as beautiful as yours.

  6. Your glass is beautiful but you got me really sidetracked with the ghost thing!! I tried to make her out but it's hard to see.