Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fur Friends Friday #3...

Welcome to the 3rd Fur Friends Friday. Please join the party by linking to a post about your pet.

Note: The post does not need to be current.

Here are a few features from last week's Fur Friends Friday.

Thanks to Denise over at Den's Daily Life for sharing her Boo with us. Don't you want to squeeze him. So cute!


And Brenda from the Cozy Little House introduced us to her Clyde. He has the most endearing little habits you'll want to read about for yourself.


And last, but not least, we have Little Miss ZuZu, head princess of Sandy's Shabby Streamside Studio. I mean, have you ever seen such an adorable face?



  1. Oh Necel. My heart is breaking. My dear sweet dog is suffering so much right now. Yesterday she was absolutely fine and today she woke up sick. I thought she just ate something that didn't quite agree with her. Now, she sits in a University hospital in Philadelphia fighting for her little life. Please pray for Chloe.

  2. Hi Necel, I am joining your Linky Party with a photo of two kittens we fostered last summer. They were barn kittens (from my son's riding instructor's place) that needed to be socialized. They were a brother and sister and we named them Dragon (boy) and Kenya (girl). They were sweet and lots of fun. Thank you for letting me share. I have said a prayer for Kim's Chloe. TeriTX

  3. I have 6 turtles -- four red-eared sliders and two FL soft shells. They are not furry but they are still my pets. They live in the garage right now but will go out back when the weather warms up. I will be posting new photos soon.

  4. I came over from Den's Daily Life. I actually had already posted something about pets earlier this morning, so I decided to join you. Love your blog, I think I'll follow!

  5. You're so right about that Zuzu's face! Adorable and full or personality. Boo is such a cutie pie too. But then I see all pets that way!