Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm not going to lie to you... but I'd certainly like to...

This morning I drank my coffee from one of my great-grandmother's tea cups. We call these the "pink dishes." What a nice way to start off my Sunday morning, don't you think?

See how inviting it looks, sitting there in that dainty antique cup... waiting to be photographed for this post... and begging me to drink it?

But truth be known, this is how I drink coffee most of the time... tea too...

Tomorrow, I will be back to using my travel mug. But today, well, I needed blog material...

So, opened up the china cabinet and indulged myself.

I'd love to know how you have your morning coffee or tea?


  1. What a pretty & very thoughtful post! Those pink dishes are gorgeous. Have a happy week!

  2. Sweet greetings Ms. Old House in Texas, I love having my tea in different mugs throughout the year - at Christmas we use our Spode Christmas china. My problem is that I want a big mugful of tea, and the little china cups don't cut it for me - but they are so lovely, aren't they?

  3. I'm still on the look out for a cup that I can call my 'own' for my coffee. I bought one not so long ago but I find it too big and the coffee seems to go cold quickly in it. I love your pretty tea cup, but I have to admit usually my coffee is in just plain ole mug!

  4. I'm too lazy to make my own coffee! I love that china Necel. If I did make my own, I'd probably drink it the same as you.

  5. Drinking out of your grandma's teacup, how nice! You should indulge yourself more often. Every morning for the last umpteen years DH and I have a latte/cappuccino together usually in our bedroom. Unless it's a workday, then he gets his at Starbucks and I make my own. I was just thinking about having another....
    Happy Pink Saturday, Necel :)

  6. I enjoy a nice cup each day to drink my coffee or tea or whatever. I don't like travel mugs but they sure help. But if I'm home my choice is a nice cup. I'll have to blog pictures of my husbands grandma's limoge tea cups. You've given me an idea for a good post!
    Thanks friend, Debbie

  7. BTW-That is a lovely tea cup and saucer;)

  8. Classic cup.
    Happy pink.
    Have a great week.

  9. It would seem more special drinking from your special cup!

  10. Coffee sounds good right now!! Love your blog...your life reminds me of Ree's from The Pioneer Woman Well..the whole ranch thing and married to a cowboy thing does! :) Hope your house dreams come true...

  11. I use my blue onion tea cups for dipping oreos, they are the perfect size!