Thursday, March 4, 2010

A special gift from my brother...

Sometimes I get it in my head that I've just got to have something. When that happens, it's all I can think about and it usually becomes an obsession until I get it.

About three years ago, I just had to have built-in bookcases... or something that resembled them.

I called my brother repeatedly for advice about how to construct them and he wound up building them for me. (Okay, I may have been begging.) He's such a talented carpenter. Wait until I show you the log cabin he built with no plans. Anyway, he lives two hours away so my bookcases were a big deal.

Here they are. We have since gotten a 42" TV to fill the hole. We didn't know how tiny our other TV was until we saw it in this hole.

We also got a decorative metal grate to cover the furnace "vent" in the bottom.

Here's the right side. I adore the beadboard backing.

Here's the middle... Notice, I pasted in a bigger TV to see how it would look. This looks exactly like the TV we wound up buying.

Here it is with our old, tiny TV. I would have taken new photos but it's kind of dark in here today.

Oh, heck, who am I kidding? I didn't feel like dusting everything because it takes nearly an hour. That's why I didn't take new photos. But it is very dark today.

I love, love, love this crown molding.

This is my fantasy bookcase photo. I painted the wall red, added a big TV and hard-wood floors.

So, kudos and many thanks to my brother. I love my bookcases...

Well, except for dusting them.

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  1. That is the nicest shelf unit I've ever seen! And your brother built that? WOW! You were blessed with a very talented brother:)Come on, dust away!

  2. that is a talented brother! I want one of those to come over to my house and build me bookcases! Glad you found me on Tx blogging gals, everyone from there seems so nice, well that is not a surprise, TX folks are friendly, it was one of the first things i noticed when I moved here 14 years ago! your blog is so lovely :)


  3. Hi Necel
    What a great bookshelf. You are lucky to have a brother who can build things. I hope you don't get too much more snow this winter.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  4. Hi Necel!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I came over from TExas Bloggin Gals. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shelves!!!! Wow!!! And yes you needed the bigger TV lol.
    Great Blog - I'm follin now

  5. lol except dusting them ;)

    it looks really nice!

  6. Wow! Gorgeous! Your brother is super talented and you are super lucky! I love it!

  7. Beautiful built-ins! I so wish I had the right area for something similar. How fun would that be to change around every so often. :)


  8. Great Job!!! Love it!! I found you from Make it for Monday. I am your newest follower!!! I can't wait to see what you do next!

  9. I so need your talented brother to come build my fireplace surround! Wonderful Job!


  10. Those are awesome!! I love the bead board in the back and the molding

  11. Gorgeousness...I love built-ins too. Wish I had more space for them in my place, tho. They'd kinda overwhelm most of my spaces :)

    I want to see that grate put on!

    Glad you could Mi4M :)


  12. You lucky girl! What a great brother you have! Your bookcases are just beautiful!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. It's beautiful! How blessed you are to have such a talented and sweet brother!